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ST MARK'S COZY HOME celebrated Uncle Tan Wee Chun's birthday on 13 February 2022. It was an auspicious celebration as it is his 100th birthday. 6 of his family members joined the celebration. Social distance was observed and other SOPs were strictly followed. We are so blessed and happy to be a part of this simple and meaningful celebration.




  • Working experience for 12 years in cozy home

  • One of the eldest caregiver staff in cozy home

  • She is a hardworking, soft spoken & thoughtful person

  • She is multidisciplinary staff /Willing to do any kind of job given

  • She is a god fearing person



NARRATION: ST MARK'S COSY HOME was privileged to be the part of the recent acceptance event organised by PWD Smart Farm Ability , thanks to DR. Billy Tang

and team. We were given 10 Hope boxes, 'WORLD ORGANIC VEGETABLES TERRARIUM'.

Special thanks to PDK Semenyih for hosting this auspicious and memorable event.

We will officially join onboard project FEEDING WITHOUT BORDERS -a collaboration effort between PWD Smart Farm Ability and World Humanitarian Drive Malaysia Chapter. This initiatives is entirely an OKU Innovation {by paraplegia farmer DR. Billy Tang} who is the founder and CEO of PWD Smart Farm Ability. As the world finds way to migigate the consequences of Covid-19, the marginalized and indigent communities are struggling with food and nutrition insecurity in the midst of the pandemic ,being unable to physically ,mentally or financially compete with the rest if the society. The terrarium is designated to make fresh, organic, nutritious and alive unrefrigerated vegetables from home -to -table make accessible to all economics backgrounds ,demonstrating that nutritious food should not to be luxury but a basic human right without any agriculture knowledge.

The terrarium had brought great excitement to the staff and the residents of ST MARK'S COZY HOME. There were two types of vegetables is BRAZILIAN SPINACH and RED WATERCRESS listed as No.1 nutrient- rich top superfood. Ten{10} resident's volunteered to mastering the Regenerative Hope box terrarium for 3 months on Basic Soil Health TVET Program with DR. Billy Tang.

We noticed that the resident's were happy to engage in nature-positive soil-ution bring health literacy and food sovereignty to our homes ,says Billy. This therapeutic project will certainly help our residents to start eating for health ,inculcate good mental health reduce stress and increase relaxation. It is indeed a good activity for the mind and soul. A special thanks to our Bishop Steven for mooting this idea.



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