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A Glimpse of History

The Cozy Home was first conceived as retirement home for pastors and evangelists by the late Canon Chan Kai Ming in 1977 and All Saints' Church Kuala Lumpur adopted and pursued this vision, The Diocese of West Malaysia took over the project and the 3-storey building was finally built on 3/4 acre land in 2007 at a cost of 3 million. In 2008, the Home opened to provide its caring service to senior citizens



Bishop Tan Sri Dr Lim Cheang Ean offered the Diocesan land where St Mark's church and the former maternity cite were cited. Development planning was applied and subsequently approved.

10 July 2004.

Ground Breaking was performed by Bishop Lim Cheong Ean and the building construction works commenced.

30 July 2005

Bishop Lim Cheong Ean appointed the Board of Management, headed by Mr Peter Yuen, with Instruments if Management duly approved by Standing Committee on 8th September 2005.

November 2006

Shell and core building was completed Finishing and onwards touches and remedial works were carried out. Active steps were taken to work towards the application for Certificate of Fitness (CF).

17 March 2007

Dedication and Thanksgiving Service and Dinner was held at Cozy Home graced by Bishop Lim

29th June 2007

After much delay and overcoming some difficulties, approvals from various external departments were obtained and an official inspection by MBSA (Majlis Bandaran Shah Alam) was then conducted for the CF.

July 2007

Bishop Ng Moon Hing was appointed as the new Bishop of the Diocese of West Malaysia

Bishop Lim was appointed as the Chairman, Board of Management and Mr Peter Yuen as Vice Chairman.

- Various steps and actions were taken to pursue CF.

- Great efforts were also taken to equip the Home

October 2007

Mr Andrew Lai was appointed in October 2007 as Manager (Hon) to oversee and manage the initial operations of the Home.

24th December 2007

Certificate of Fitness was issued! This was achieved by the assistance of Tan Sri Dato Dr James Alfred.

13th January 2008

Dedication of St Mark's cum Operation 'Soft-Launch' of Cozy Home was celebrated by Bishop Ng Moon Hing.

First Resident

Madam Alison Cheong, former churh worker (ASC KL) and evangelist (Anglican Village Ministry) became the first resident in the year of 2008. She passed away peacefully on 27th October 2019. She was 86 years old.

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